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Frier Vest Steinbrudd

Frier Vest

Port of Grenland has a central role in developing an industrial area of up to 9 km2 at Frier Vest, located on the west side of the FrierFjord. The first stage involves an area of approx. 0.4 km2 out of a total of 3.2 km2 regulated industrial area. Development of a further 7 km2 is planned in phase 2. The area is suitable for most types of business activity, but is particularly suitable for companies that require access to electric power and quay capacity.

Port of Grenland co-founded the development company Frier Vest AS along with the chemicals company Ineos, and Bamble municipality. Frier Vest lies in an inlet on the west side of the Oslofjord and has good access to infrastructure. Industry is well established in the region and there is great access to a skilled workforce with vocational and academic qualifications. Grenland is particularly well suited to activities that require a lot of space, as it is one of few places along the Oslofjord that offers vast areas of land with direct access to quay facilities for shipping.

Frier is a collaboration

Port of Grenland contributes to the collaboration by providing quays, business premises and sites to let, and maintaining the fairway. The region’s business cluster comprises both traditional process industry and high-tech companies. Grenland is made up of the Viken administrative region and Telemark & Vestfold county. Big names include ABB, Emerson, Sykehuspartner, the Public Roads Administration, Kongsberg Gruppen, Stena, Equinor, Ineos and Yara. These undertakings are often organised in business parks and have therefore had the opportunity to work with the circular economy over several decades.

Regional Industry collaborates with academic and research institutions. Several of the major industry actors have established their own research centres here – most recently the SCG/Norner plastics research centre. The two best-known clusters are SAMS – which develops systems for sustainable transport solutions – and GIC, Green Industry Cluster. Both involve bringing suppliers, customers and research environments together to develop new solutions to create a climate-positive industry cluster on the west side of the Oslofjord.


Bjørn Tore Orvik
Business Development Manager
Mobile: +47 901 17 870

Hege Svendsen
Marketing manager
Mobile: +47 976 18 196