Ship waste management

The local industry and the Port of Grenland have developed a Waste Management Plan, which serves as a common framework on waste handling for all private and public port facilities in Grenland. The purpose is to help protect the natural environment by ensuring that waste and cargo residues from ships are properly stored and handled. The aim is to reduce waste and increase sorting and recycling.

The reception facilities at the different quays are designed to handle waste disposal based on number of arrivals and according to need.

All reception facilities are equipped with a container for hazardous waste, general waste, and paper waste. Some facilities can receive wooden waste.

For overview by quay, see links below:

Norsk Gjenvinning, the national waste disposal company and owner of the reception facilities, is responsible for the disposal of the collected waste.

All vessels calling at the Port of Grenland are obliged to give notice of arrival; including notification of ship generated waste for discharge. If reception facilities are dissatisfying or faulty, please complete a claim form.
For large quantities of waste or residual waste such as oil, sewage and chemicals, please contact the shipping agent or Norsk Gjenvinning to order its disposal.

For vacuuming and flushing assignments; Norsk Gjenvinning Industri, tel. 09700. For container assignments; Norsk Gjenvinning, tel. 09600.

Ship waste management documents

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Waste Handling Plan

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Waste Handling Plan

Hazardous waste

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Waste Handling Plan

Waste management plans for ports in Grenland