About Port of Grenland

The Port of Grenland is an intermodal hub of sea and land transport, with the local and regional industry as its solid mooring point. Direct access to railway and road networks provide a smooth and efficient transfer of goods. The port is one of Norway’s largest in volume terms. It is equipped to handle a wide range of cargo; dry bulk, wet bulk, general cargo, and containers, totaling 10.8 million tons yearly. More than 2,500 vessels call at the port each year, and our terminals have the capacity to host vessels up to 150,000 dwt. The port offers terminal services, reception and release of cargo, loading and discharging, port cranes with lifting capacity of 100 tons, equipment and crew, as well as storage and warehouse facilities. It has direct RoRo and LoLo routes to Europe. From Langesund ferry terminal, Fjord Line has daily departures to Hirtshals, Stavanger and Bergen.

The Port of Grenland is owned by the municipalities of Bamble, Porsgrunn and Skien, and is environmentally certified to ISO 14001 standards.

«Port of Grenland shall further develop its position as one of Norway’s most important gateways into Europe – and an attractive port in Norway».
«The port shall be run effectively and profitably, to give added value to industry/ commerce and the community, and take care of environmental issues».


Port of Grenland shall be one of Norway’s most important ports. The port shall be further developed, and the activities increase, on the basis of the considerable need for transport which industry and tourism represents. The port shall contribute to the region’s industrial development and ensure and improve competitiveness for existing and new users. Consideration for the environment and local community shall be a natural part of the commercial and regional development. Port of Grenland shall contribute to the region presenting itself as an attractive coastal area.

Management tasks

The port Authority attends to the daily supervision of the port district, which consists of the fairways from Såstein/Mølen at Langesund bay to Klosterfoss in Skien. In addition to the fairway, the port Authorities are responsible for the public quays with anchoring and loading/unloading facilities.

Port of Grenland’s operational tasks are mainly

  • Manage the maintenance and order in the port district.
  • Ensure that laws, rules and regulations are adhered to.
  • Assist shipping and other participants in the port with information, and provide the necessary signage to achieve the best possible traffic flow.
  • Make any necessary provisions for the industry’s use of sea transport.

The port authority employs approx. 20 people, stationed at three different localities in the port district.

  • Strømtangen, Brevik: The port authority’s main administration offices
  • Skien terminal: Personnel for port and terminal operations

Documents with further information: For a full copy of the accounts, please contact tel. +47 35 93 10 00